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A Trusted Republican Leader

pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-family

"Bringing a fiscally conservative and pro-family perspective to Colorado State Capitol"




As a veteran who defended this country in Afghanistan, and served as an advisor to the Iraqi transition team, I understand the importance of public safety. Our highest priority is protecting our citizens. Balancing other needs against the safety of our community is not practical. I will ensure that our Sheriff has the resources to keep our families safe while keeping taxes low.



The time for talking about our roads and bridges as a top priority is over, and it is time for action. Our plan of action is to build our new roads and bridges, especially on the East Side of the district to accommodate present and future growth.  The actions we take now will determine the future of our district and our county.



The essential function of every local government is public safety and public works. Just like all families must live within their means, so must governments. Every dollar not spent on the essential functions of local government is a dollar wasted. My top priorities are not the proverbal essentials, but the crucial essentials - public safety and public works.


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